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Credit Bureau Association: Bureau Business Edition No. 3




Greetings members!

Welcome to our second newsletter of 2016 – a year that is positively flying past already. At the Credit Bureau Association, we've been busy, and we'd like to take the opportunity presented by this newsletter to share some of the details of our projects and pursuits with you. 

As usual, we invite you to you get in touch and let us know what you are up to, so we can share your exciting developments and achievements with the broader CBA community.


What's been keeping us busy

As you know, the candidates for the office of the Information Regulator have been shortlisted. In preparation, the CBA draft code is being vetted by an information specialist so that we can apply for accreditation of our code as soon as the regulator is appointed. We are also ensuring alignment with SACRRA to ensure that there is a synergy from an industry perspective.

With regard to the new maintenance information regulations, the CBA has been working with the Department of Justice to ensure that there is alignment between the requirements in Regulation 17 of the National Credit Act (NCA) and that of the Maintenance Act and its new regulations.

In our last newsletter we were excited to announce the joining of new member, VeriCred Credit Bureau, to the association. Since then, Vericred has applied to SACRRA to take on consumer credit information.  We will keep you updated.

Community and media

This year has seen the continuation of our great partnership with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) around the "Know your credit status" campaign. Not only have the NCR and bureaus been able to offer reports and information at a number of government departments since late last year, but now we are gearing up for the public leg of the 2016 campaign. This will see us collaborate on a youth-focused campaign, rolling out at universities and public areas in close proximity to universities across Gauteng to reach the youth and the academic sector.

Another important partner in our public education drive is UNISA. After a fortuitous meeting in 2015, the Department of Mercantile Law at UNISA and the CBA have been working together on a number of interventions aimed at staff and students, including a series of radio interviews on campus radio. This is culminating in a Credit Information Day to be held at UNISA main campus on 20 June. We are very thankful that so many of our members and strategic industry partners (such as the Credit Ombud and DTI) will be taking part in this open day that is aimed squarely at empowering and educating consumers.

We continue to reach out to digital and traditional media to share an empowering message about credit management and credit reports with the wider populace. We've recently been featured in several of the Caxton community newspapers and Essentials magazine's website, among others.


Heads up

The new CBA constitution has been revised, adopted and published on the CBA website where it is available for download on the membership page.

The NCR subcommittee dealing with data sharing under Reg 19(13) is being established under the Credit Industry Forum (CIF). We look forward to engaging with the industry and the NCR in this regard.



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