Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Media release: Consumer Credit Issues: Where do I turn to for assistance? 20 June 2016


The Community Engagement Project on Responsible Use of Credit ,housed in the College of Law, in cooperation with the Credit Bureau Association hosted an information day on 20 June 2016. The general theme of the day was: Consumer Credit Issues: Where do I turn to for assistance?

Important stakeholders in the credit industry delivered presentations on different aspects relating to consumer credit issues. The topics included tips on management of personal credit, the importance and contents of credit reports and how to fix mistakes on credit reports,  identity fraud, the rights of consumers, whether employers may access credit reports of incumbents for purposes of employment and the regulatory framework and policy developments.  The programme’s purpose - to enlighten consumers regarding aspects of personal credit management - was well addressed. The presentations that were delivered have been professionally recorded, and after production is completed, DVD’s will be distributed to students.

The stakeholders (the Credit Bureau Association and other credit bureaus, the National Credit Regulator, the Credit Ombud and the Department of Trade and Industry) who presented on the day also had information tables in the foyer of the OR Tambo Building where consumers’ questions were answered. Here, several students, lecturers and members of the general public accessed their credit reports free of charge. Unisa is very pleased to report that the programme was well attended. The feedback received regarding the content of the programme has been very positive. We are grateful to our knowledgeable stakeholders without whom this day would not have been possible.

For more details, please contact Ms Michel Koekemoer by email at koekemm@unisa.ac.za, or telephonically at 012 429 2916.


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